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Prime Minister Narender Modi WHAT THINK ABOUT DHOLERA Projects

Posted by Admin on June, 27, 2024

Prime Minister Narender Modi WHAT THINK ABOUT DHOLERA Projects

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been a strong advocate and promoter of the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) and the broader vision of transforming it into a smart city. Here are some key points highlighting his thoughts and initiatives regarding Dholera:

Vision and Support

1. Transformational Project

o Smart City Vision: Narendra Modi envisions Dholera as a model smart city that embodies the principles of sustainability, advanced technology, and efficient urban planning. He sees it as a catalyst for India's urban transformation and a benchmark for other cities.

o Economic Hub: Modi foresees Dholera becoming a major economic hub that will attract global investments, boost industrial growth, and create numerous job opportunities.

2. Strategic Importance

o Part of DMIC: Modi has emphasized Dholera's strategic importance within the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), a project aimed at developing industrial zones along the route to promote economic growth and development.

o Global Connectivity: He has highlighted plans for the Dholera International Airport and other connectivity projects to ensure the region is well-linked nationally and internationally.

3. Innovative Urban Planning

o Greenfield Development: Modi supports Dholera's development as a greenfield project, which allows for comprehensive planning from scratch, incorporating the latest innovations in urban design, infrastructure, and environmental sustainability.

o Technology Integration: He advocates for integrating cutting-edge technology in all aspects of the city's infrastructure, including smart grids, intelligent transportation systems, and digital governance platforms.

Public Statements and Initiatives

1. Public Addresses

o Modi has frequently mentioned Dholera in his speeches, emphasizing its potential to drive economic growth and serve as a prototype for future smart cities in India.

o He has reiterated the government's commitment to providing all necessary support to ensure the successful implementation of the Dholera project.

2. Policy Support

o Ease of Doing Business: Modi's government has introduced policies to enhance ease of doing business in Dholera, offering incentives for investors and simplifying regulatory processes.

o Infrastructure Funding: The central government, under Modi's leadership, has allocated significant funding for infrastructure development in Dholera, including transportation, utilities, and public services.

3. Global Promotion

o Modi has actively promoted Dholera on international platforms, presenting it as an attractive investment destination for global businesses. This international outreach aims to draw foreign direct investment (FDI) and technological collaboration.

Impact and Future Prospects

1. Economic Growth

o Dholera is expected to significantly contribute to Gujarat's and India's economic growth by attracting investments in manufacturing, technology, and services sectors.

o The development of industrial parks, residential areas, and commercial zones will generate substantial employment opportunities and boost the local economy.

2. Urban Innovation

o The successful implementation of Dholera as a smart city will serve as a blueprint for other urban development projects across India, showcasing innovative solutions in urban planning and sustainable development.

o The project will demonstrate how advanced technology can be leveraged to create efficient, livable, and resilient urban environments.

3. Sustainable Development

o Modi's emphasis on sustainability in Dholera's development aligns with global goals of reducing carbon footprints and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

o Green spaces, renewable energy integration, and efficient waste management systems will be key components of the city's sustainable infrastructure.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi views Dholera as a flagship project that symbolizes India's aspirations for smart urban development and economic prosperity. His support and vision for Dholera underscore the importance of innovative planning, technological integration, and sustainable practices in shaping the future of Indian cities. Dholera Smart City is not just a development project but a testament to Modi's broader vision of transforming India's urban landscape and positioning the country as a global economic powerhouse.

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